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Atlantis A8131 Lanyard - Red
Atlantis A8131 Lanyard - Red

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Product Code: PUA8131

Atlantis easy-glide slider can be attached to jacket or wrist
Top-quality replacement lanyards for most models without DESS
Very affordable alternative to OEM lanyards

This item fits the following applications:
2011-2011 Yamaha VX1800K WaveRunner VXS
2011-2011 Yamaha VX1800AK WaveRunner VXR
2010-2011 Yamaha GX1800A WaveRunner FZS
2009-2011 Yamaha GX1800 WaveRunner FZR
2009-2011 Yamaha FY1800A WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO
2009-2011 Yamaha FY1800 WaveRunner FX HO
2009-2009 Yamaha XA1200 WaveRunner XLT1200
2008-2011 Yamaha FX1800 WaveRunner FX SHO
2008-2011 Yamaha FX1800 WaveRunner FX Cruiser SHO
2007-2011 Yamaha VX1100C WaveRunner VX Sport
2007-2011 Yamaha VX1100B WaveRunner VX Deluxe
2007-2011 Yamaha VX1100A WaveRunner VX Cruiser
2007-2010 Yamaha VX1100 WaveRunner VX
2007-2007 Yamaha FX1100 WaveRunner VX
2006-2006 Yamaha FX1100B WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO 50th Ann.
2005-2008 Yamaha FX1000A WaveRunner FX Cruiser
2005-2008 Yamaha FX1000 WaveRunner FX
2005-2006 Yamaha VX1100A WaveRunner 1100 Deluxe
2005-2006 Yamaha VX1100 WaveRunner 1100 Sport
2004-2008 Yamaha FX1100A WaveRunner FX Cruiser HO
2004-2008 Yamaha FX1100 WaveRunner FX HO
2003-2008 Yamaha GP1300 WaveRunner GP1300R
2003-2004 Yamaha FX1000 FX140
2002-2004 Yamaha XL700A WaveVenture XL700
2002-2004 Yamaha XA800A WaveRunner XLT800
2002-2004 Yamaha FX1000A FX140 Cruiser
2001-2005 Yamaha XA1200A WaveRunner XLT1200
2001-2005 Yamaha GP800A WaveRunner GP800R
2000-2001 Yamaha XA800 WaveRunner XL800
1999-2004 Yamaha SV1200 WaveRunner SUV1200
1999-2001 Yamaha XL700 WaveRunner XL700
1999-2000 Yamaha XA1200 WaveRunner XL12 LTD
1998-2000 Yamaha GP800 WaveRunner GP800
1998-1999 Yamaha XL760 WaveRunner XL760
1998-1998 Yamaha XL1200 WaveRunner XL1200
1997-2002 Yamaha GP1200 WaveRunner GP1200
1997-2000 Yamaha GP760 WaveRunner GP760
1997-1997 Yamaha WVT760 WaveVenture 760
1997-1997 Yamaha WRA700 WaveRunner III 700
1996-1997 Yamaha WVT1100 WaveVenture 1100
1996-1997 Yamaha WB760 WaveBlaster 760
1996-1996 Yamaha RA760 WaveRaider 760
1995-1998 Yamaha WVT700 WaveVenture 700
1995-1996 Yamaha RA1100 WaveRaider 1100
1995-1995 Yamaha WRA700 WaveRunner III GP
1995-1995 Yamaha RA700A WaveRaider Deluxe
1994-2011 Yamaha SJ700 Super Jet
1994-1997 Yamaha RA700 WaveRaider
1994-1995 Yamaha FX700 FX-1
1994-1994 Yamaha WRA700 WaveRunner 3
1993-1996 Yamaha WB700 WaveBlaster
1993-1994 Yamaha WRB700 WaveRunner Pro VXR
1991-1995 Yamaha WRB650 WaveRunner VXR
1990-1996 Yamaha WRA650 WaveRunner III
1990-1993 Yamaha WR650 WaveRunner LX
1990-1993 Yamaha SJ650 Super Jet
1987-1993 Yamaha WR500 WaveRunner
1987-1990 Yamaha WJ500 WaveJammer

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