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Arai DT-X Guard Helmet


The DT-X features the PB-cLc (Peripheral Belt - complex Laminate construction) shell born from Arais exclusive F-1 helmet technology, made from the layering of various proprietary materials, bonded with specially-developed adhesives. The upper edge of the eye port is reinforced with the Peripheral Belt, which is custom woven in house using proprietary Super Fibers, to increase strength and help redirect impact energy laterally. This makes for a more compact shell. In shell creation, resin serves to bind material to material. Arai has long developed exclusive resins to create stronger and lighter shells, and has recently developed a new Z Mixture resin. It increases the adhesion ability and strengthens the shell with less resin used, allowing for further weight reduction of the helmet.. The DT-X interior is made with an odor-reducing and dirt-resisting antimicrobial material. The new neck roll, which wraps comfortably around the riders neck, reduces wind noise while also improving ease of ingress and egress. The addition of the FCS cheek pad makes putting on and removing the helmet easier while maintaining comfort around the lower jaw. Both the comfort headliner and cheek pads have 5mm peel-away layers for microfitting. The ear pockets have molded recesses for easier intercom speaker installation.. The shield-mounting mechanism features a new Variable Axis System (VAS) pivot operation feature. The VAS pivot cover is now smaller and lower than the previous design, yielding an average 24mm more area above the cover. As a result the shell is now smoother along the Snell test line in the temple area, thus increasing the helmets ability to glance off objects during an impact.. Keeping with the Round & Smooth egg-shaped form, the Hyper Ridge, along the lower edge of the shell increases shell strength & protection around the bottom opening - managing energy migration laterally. And the new side exhaust vents, sculpted into the Hyper Ridge design, result in a more efficient and smoother airflow. The DT-X utilizes Arais proprietary multi-density one-piece EPS liner, specifically tuned to each area of the helmet, to maximize performance. Shell shape & strength, combined with the tuned EPS liner, minimizes helmet size & weight - improving rider comfort.. The upper front vent is Arais newest design, incorporating both an intake and exhaust port, creating a dual flow effect and is therefore aptly named the Dual Flow Duct. Air enters the front intake of the duct and draws out hot exhaust air from the rear. Toward the back, the newly styled rear Duct Flow Spoiler also incorporates a dual flow system for great airflow. The center duct hole takes in air and uses the low pressure from the left and right duct slots to draw out hot air. This new ventilation system works well in many riding positions, allowing the front and rear vents to let cool air enter from the front regardless of the riders head angle..