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Arai Vector-2 Blaze Helmet


The Vector-2 has a 5mm peel-away layer added to the removable interior comfort liners side/temple pad, giving you another level of customization.. The Vector-2 two-position detent adjustment allows incoming air to be directed to either the facial area for cooling or onto the shield to help clearing if needed.. ACF-2 front intake vent incorporates a sliding door that closes the oversized intake opening completely. At the same time the outer gate closes the intake opening, an inner plate slides over and closes the hole in the shell. The ACF-2 is now available as an accessory part.. ACR-2 rear exhaust vent-wing combo: wind-tunnel tuned air inlets markedly improve ventilation performance and helmet stability at speed. Sculpted lower reinforcement band provides stability and a lower center of gravity for a very lightweight feeling. Specifically sized exhaust ports increase airflow while minimizing noise levels. And the larger bottom opening makes for easier on-off.. 5mm peel-away cheek pad layer. Giving you even more ability to craft the perfect fit and comfort for your face, the cheek pads now feature a 5mm peel-away layer for added room if needed.. Accepts the optional Pro Shade System.. The Vector-2 has Arais INTERMEDIATE OVAL (IO) interior fit shape. Meets or exceeds Snell and DOT standards.