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Avon Grips

Avon Grips Heated Metric Cruiser Grips


5 grip models with billet end caps and rings.
Symtec Heat Demon Fly Swatter heaters are already preinstalled under the grips and make for an easy install.
Includes the Symtec Heat Demon custom heat controller that is color coordinated to the finish of the grip and can be mounted on either side of the handlebar.
Available with the Avon Boss throttle assist which provides a more comfortable riding experience.
Ergonomic seamless rubber grip made from Kraton rubber.
Throttle grip includes 2 cams to fit most all metric cruisers with 1in handlebars.
Fast warm-up.
Heat controller features a 4-color L.E.D. light that indicates the heat level selected (dims for night riding).
Thermister feedback keeps the grip heat at the selected level regardless of the voltage variation or ambient conditions.
Increases riding safety and comfort.

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