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Avon Grips

Avon Grips MT-IN-CC-85-CH Custom Touring Grips - Chrome


Color: Chrome

Manufactured in the USA with a special core bar that creates air pockets inside the grip body which dampen vibrations, help eliminate the tingle in your hands and soften the overall feel of the ride. The soft serrated texture on the grip surfae helps you hold on to your bike with no-slip confidence. The grips are finished off with only the best 6061 billet aluminum end caps and collars.

Indian Chief Classic 2014-2017
Indian Chief Dark Horse 2016-2017
Indian Chief Vintage 2014-2017
Indian Chieftain 2014-2017
Indian Chieftain Dark Horse 2017
Indian Roadmaster 2015-2017
Indian Springfield 2016-2017