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BikeMaster 140 507 13 Front Sprocket - 13T


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Sprocket Position: Front
Sprocket Size: 520
Sprocket Teeth: 13

Meticulously engineered using the highest quality materials and industry leading technology to provide the best replacement sprockets for your motorcycle. BikeMaster Front Sprockets are machined from 20CrMnTi, shot peened for longer wear and heat treated for extended durability. A perfect match for the BikeMaster line of chains..

Husqvarna WR360 1999-2002
Kawasaki KDX250 1980-1984
Kawasaki KDX400 1979-1980
Kawasaki KDX420 1981
Kawasaki KDX450 1982
Kawasaki KE250 1977-1979
Kawasaki KLT200 1981-1984
Kawasaki KLT250 1982-1984
Kawasaki KX250 1986
Kawasaki KX250 1982-1984
Kawasaki KX250 1978
Kawasaki KX420 1980-1981
Kawasaki KX500 1983-1986
Kawasaki KXT250 Tecate 1984-1986

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