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BikeMaster BM-163 Oil Filter


***Please note, this item will take an additional 2 business days to process before it ships and you receive tracking information.***

Made in the same factory as many OEM filters.
Filters exceed OEM standards for filtration and service life.
High-quality materials allow for use with standard and synthetic oils.
Low internal resistance allows for maximum oil flow.
Internal check valve prevents oil drain down and dry starts.
Tough steel casing and base plate, with high-quality seal.

BMW K1 1988-1993
BMW K100 1983-1986
BMW K100LT 1987-1992
BMW K100LT ABS 1989-1992
BMW K100RS 1983-1988
BMW K100RS ABS 1988-1989
BMW K100RT 1985-1988
BMW K1100LT 1993-1999
BMW K1200LT 1998-2007
BMW K1200RS 1997-2005
BMW K75 1988-1995
BMW K75RT 1990-1992
BMW K75RT ABS 1991-1995
BMW K75S 1987-1992
BMW K75S ABS 1991-1995
BMW R1100GS 1994-1995
BMW R1100GS ABS 1995-1999
BMW R1100GS SE 1999
BMW R1100R 1995-2000
BMW R1100R SE 1999
BMW R1100RL 2001
BMW R1100RS 1993-1994
BMW R1100RS ABS 1994-2001
BMW R1100RSL 1994-1996
BMW R1100RT 1994-2001
BMW R1100RT SE 2000
BMW R1100RTL 1996-1997
BMW R1100S 1998-2005
BMW R1100S ABS 2004-2005
BMW R1100S ABS 2002
BMW R1100S ABS 1999
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup 2002
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica 2003-2005
BMW R1100SA 2000-2001
BMW R1100SA SE 2000
BMW R1150GS 1999-2004
BMW R1150R 2001-2005
BMW R1150RS 2001-2004
BMW R1150RT 2001-2005
BMW R1200C Avantgarde 2000-2003
BMW R1200CL 2002-2004
BMW R850C Avantgarde 2000-2003
BMW R850C Classic 1999-2001
BMW R850C Euro 2000-2001
BMW R850R 1999-2001

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