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Bluhm Enterprises BL-43B100Z2 Brite Lites Headlight Bulb - Xenon Blue - 100/90 Watt


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Brite Lites are the industry leader in xenon gas-filled headlights, which produce a super-white HID-type headlight beam.
High-quality replacement headlight bulbs; various exotic gases and coatings have been used to produce superior, super-trick lighting over standard, dull headlight bulbs.
All Brite Lites are exact replacements for the stock headlight bulb and are available in standard wattages and in high-power versions.
All individual Brite Lites are blister packaged on a full-color card sold individually.
Metal three-prong base.
White beam of light w/ blue hue around beam.
Wattage Used: 100/90.
Light Output: 135/125.
Base Type: P43t .
Base Style: H-4

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