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Boyesen PW-43 Powerwing


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Increases horsepower and torque on 2- and 4-stroke bikes.
Aerodynamic design maximizes velocity and power gain.
Wing channel minimizes jet needle disturbance.
Cleaner jetting for crisp response and acceleration.
Precision fit assures perfect alignment and easy installation.
On 2-stroke improves power from idle to midrange with no loss of top end.
On 4-stroke power boost from idle through over-rev.

Kawasaki KX100 2011-2018
Kawasaki KX100 1995-2009
Kawasaki KX85 2001-2018
KTM 105 SX 2004-2011
KTM 105 XC 2008-2010
KTM 85 SX (17/14) 2017
KTM 85 SX (17/14) 2003-2015
KTM 85 SX (19/16) 2013
KTM 85 SX (19/16) 2005-2010
KTM 85 XC 2008-2009
Suzuki RM85 2015-2018
Suzuki RM85 2012
Suzuki RM85 2002-2009
Suzuki RM85L 2012
Suzuki RM85L 2003-2008

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