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Braking 646SM1 SM1 Semi Metallic Pad


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Delivers dependable, rugged performance certain to satisfy the most demanding sport riders, commuters and touring enthusiasts.
Superior performance in wet or dry conditions.
SM1 pads are fade-free, noise-free and dust-free.
Smoothness, consistency and responsiveness from the lowest to highest possible temperatures.
Designed for stainless steel rotors; also excellent on cast iron rotors.
Gentle on all rotors.

Suzuki GN400 1980-1982
Suzuki GS1000G 1980-1981
Suzuki GS1100G 1982-1983
Suzuki GS1100GK 1982-1983
Suzuki GS250T 1980-1981
Suzuki GS450E 1980-1983
Suzuki GS450L 1985-1988
Suzuki GS450L 1980-1983
Suzuki GS450S 1980-1981
Suzuki GS450T 1981-1982
Suzuki GS550E 1980
Suzuki GS550L 1980-1981
Suzuki GS550T 1981
Suzuki GS700E 1985
Suzuki GS700ES 1985
Suzuki GS750E 1980-1983
Suzuki GS750L 1980
Suzuki GS750T 1982-1983
Suzuki GS850G 1980-1982
Suzuki GS850GL 1980-1983
Suzuki GV1200 Madura 1986
Suzuki GV700GL Madura 1985-1986

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