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Braking 720CM55 CM55 Sintered Sport Brake Pad


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CM55 sportbike pads are a sintered mixture designed to give power and longevity.
CM55 pads offer strong power, stability and improved brake modulation and feel.
These pads work best in excess of 1300deg. without fading.

Honda CB500F 2013-2018
Honda CB500F ABS 2013-2018
Honda CB500X 2013-2019
Honda CB500X ABS 2013-2019
Honda CB650F 2018
Honda CB650F ABS 2018
Honda CBR500R 2013-2017
Honda CBR650F 2014-2016
Honda CBR650F ABS 2014-2015
Honda CTX700 DCT ABS 2014-2015
Honda NC750X DCT 2018

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