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Comet 212135A1 Cam Arm with Bushing for 102-C/108-C/108 4-Pro - A-4 - 48.7 grams


***Please note, this item will take an additional 4 business days to process before it ships and you receive tracking information.***

All cam arms sold here are either original equiptment in the Comet drive clutches or a popular replacement for trail riding or racing.
Cam arms will not always be stamped with the name they are called because they are often made from another cam arm.
Note: All carm arms are sold EACH - You must order FOUR of these arms to get the correct cam arm weight for a 4-Pro clutch and THREE for the 102-C, 108-C, and 108-EXP cluthes.
Note: Comet arm weight objective is within .75 grams of that listed. Certified weights would be significantly more expensive. The variance may occasionally exceed 2 grams and is a result of greater or lesser arm density.

Polaris 650 1988-1992
Polaris 650 RXL 1995
Polaris 650 RXL 1990-1992
Polaris Trail 1986-1989
Polaris Trail Deluxe 1988-1989

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