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Comet 219703A 108-EXP Clutch - 30mm Tapered Flush


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

Designed for more power, more endurance, more of everything you need for speed - and now accept OEM starter rings for electric starters.
Tried, tested and built to handle high-horsepower engines.
Consistently smooth shifting even after hours of use.
Wider rollers for increased bearing area (33% more).
1997 and newer 108-EXP clutches include special recessed mounting bolt with special pilot washer.
Each features a bushing in the movable face and redesigned fixed face for increased durability.
Uncalibrated clutches are sold without cam arms and spring.
NOTE: 108-EXP clutches use the same cam arms and spring as the 108-C..
NOTE: A flush bore depth indicates the taper begins exactly at the inner edge of the fixed face casting.Positive (+) numbers indicate the taper starts the specified distance into the casting; while negative (-)numbers indicate the taper begins in an extension out of the fixed face casting..
Bore Depth - 30mm tapered flush.
Flush, w/ Yamaha gear bosses.
Belt Width - 1 3/8in. (std.)/ 1 1/4in. (opt.).
Accepts OEM ring gear for electric start models
Yamaha CS340E Ovation LE 1998-1999
Yamaha EX570 Exciter II 1991-1993
Yamaha EX570H High Altitude 1990
Yamaha FX10 FX Nytro 2008
Yamaha MM600 Mountain Max 600 1998-2001
Yamaha MM700 Mountain Max 700 1997-2003
Yamaha MSRX700 Mountain SRX 700 1998
Yamaha PZ500 Phazer 500 1999-2001
Yamaha PZ500DX Phazer Deluxe 2001
Yamaha PZ500ML Phazer Mountain Lite 2000-2001
Yamaha PZ50FX Phazer FX 2007
Yamaha PZ50GT Phazer GT 2007
Yamaha PZ50MT Phazer Mountain Lite 2007-2008
Yamaha PZ50VT Venture Lite 2007-2008
Yamaha RX10M RX-1 Mountain 2003-2005
Yamaha RX10R RX-1 ER 2003-2005
Yamaha RXW10 Attack 2006-2007
Yamaha RXW10 RX Warrior 2004-2005
Yamaha SRX440 1976-1979
Yamaha SRX600 1998-1999
Yamaha SRX700 1998-2002
Yamaha SX500/R 2000-2001
Yamaha SX600/R 2000-2001
Yamaha SX700/R 2000-2001
Yamaha SXV60 SX Venom 2004-2006
Yamaha SXV700 SX Viper 2002-2003
Yamaha SXV700 SX Viper S 2004
Yamaha SXV700ER SX Viper ER 2002-2004
Yamaha SXV70MH SX Viper Mountain 2003-2006
Yamaha VK10 Viking Professional 2007-2008
Yamaha VT500 Venture 500 1997-2001
Yamaha VT500XL Venture 500 XL 1999-2001
Yamaha VT600 Venture 600 1997-2005
Yamaha VX500 VMAX 500 1994-2000
Yamaha VX500DX VMAX 500 Deluxe 2000-2001
Yamaha VX500SX VMAX 500 SX 1999
Yamaha VX500XT VMAX 500 XT 1998
Yamaha VX500XTC VMAX 500 XTC 1998
Yamaha VX600 VMAX 600 1999
Yamaha VX600 VMAX 600 1994-1997
Yamaha VX600DX VMAX 600 Deluxe 2000-2001
Yamaha VX600ER VMAX 600 ER 2002-2003
Yamaha VX600XT VMAX 600 XT 1998
Yamaha VX600XTC VMAX 600 XTC 1998
Yamaha VX700DX VMAX 700 Deluxe 1999-2001
Yamaha VX700ER VMAX 700 ER 2002
Yamaha VX700SX VMAX 700 SX 1997-1999
Yamaha VX700XT VMAX 700 XT 1998
Yamaha VX700XTC VMAX 700 XTC 1998

Please Note: Ships same business day to contiguous US if ordered by 12:15 PM Central Time!

Note: 219703A