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Dalton Clutches

Dalton Clutches DA450H Clutch Kit


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The ultimate in qualilty for riders who care about performance and want to get the most out of their equipment.
Extensive testing and exacting production standards create some of the best clutch tuning components in the industry..
For stock and oversized tires.
Improves bottom and mid performance.
Simple and effective clutch re-calibration kit that helps the CVT system respond to road conditions such as soft terrain and climbing
Arctic Cat 425 2011
Arctic Cat 425i 2012
Arctic Cat 425i SE 2012
Arctic Cat 450 EFI H1 4x4 Auto 2010
Arctic Cat 500 2014
Arctic Cat 500 Core 2013
Arctic Cat 500 XT 2013-2014
KYMCO MXU450i 4x4 IRS 2012-2014
KYMCO MXU450i 4x4 IRS LE 2012-2014

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