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Dura Blue Inc

Dura Blue Inc 4085F EZ Fit Urethane Wheel Spacers - 1.5in. Wide


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

Composite plastic material-60 percent lighter than aluminum.
Use when weight reduction is desired.
Does not require O.E.M. Stud Removal for installation.
Use when access to the inside of hub is limited.
Superior fit and assembly.
Sold in pairs.
Use Graph-Lite spacers for bolt-on wheel, EZ Fit spacers for stud and nut type.
4/85 Bolt Pattern
Honda TRX125 1987-1988
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 2006
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 2005-2006
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 2004-2005
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 2003-2004
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 2002-2003
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 2001-2002
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 2000-2001
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 1999-2000
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 1998-1999
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 1997-1998
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 1996-1997
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 1995-1996
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 1994-1995
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 1993
Honda TRX90 Sportrax 1993-1994
Honda TRX90EX Sportrax 2008
Honda TRX90EX Sportrax 2007
Honda TRX90EX Sportrax 2007-2008
Honda TRX90X 2020
Honda TRX90X 2019-2020
Honda TRX90X 2018-2019
Honda TRX90X 2017-2018
Honda TRX90X 2016-2017
Honda TRX90X 2015-2016
Honda TRX90X 2014-2015
Honda TRX90X 2013-2014
Honda TRX90X 2012
Honda TRX90X 2012-2013
Honda TRX90X 2009
Honda TRX90X 2009
Suzuki LT-Z90 QuadSport 2014-2020
Suzuki LT-Z90 QuadSport 2007-2009
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 2004
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 2003-2004
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 2002-2003
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 2001-2002
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 2000-2001
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1999-2000
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1998-1999
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1997-1998
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1996-1997
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1995-1996
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1994-1995
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1993-1994
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1992-1993
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1991-1992
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1990-1991
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1989
Yamaha YFA-1 Breeze125 1989-1990
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly 2010
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly 2009-2010
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly 2008-2009
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly 2007-2008
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly 2006-2007
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly 2005
Yamaha YFM125 Grizzly 2005-2006

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