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Dynojet Research

Dynojet Research WB-PV29-2 Wideband CX Dual Channel AFR Kit


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

Plugs into the vehicles diagnostic port and seamlessly integrates AFR data from the included wideband O2 sensor(s) with the OEM databus.
When used in conjunction with Power Vision CX, you can view and datalog wideband O2 data alongside custom channels directly from the vehicles diagnostic port.
Plug-and-play kit with no extra cables for power, ground and signal that are typically associated with wideband controllers.
Ensures real-time wideband O2 AFR accuracy with negligible latency and avoids any signal offset issues with its industry-first, innovative design.

Indian 101 Scout 1928-1931
Indian 741 1941-1943
Indian Challenger 2020-2023
Indian Challenger Dark Horse 2020-2023
Indian Challenger Elite 2022-2023
Indian Challenger Limited 2020-2023
Indian Chief 2022-2023
Indian Chief 2018
Indian Chief 1999-2003
Indian Chief 1922-1953
Indian Chief Blackhawk 2011
Indian Chief Blackhawk Dark 2011
Indian Chief Bobber 2022-2023
Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse 2022-2023
Indian Chief Bomber 2010
Indian Chief Classic 2010-2018
Indian Chief Dark Horse 2022-2023
Indian Chief Dark Horse 2016-2020
Indian Chief Dark Horse 2010-2013
Indian Chief Deluxe 2009
Indian Chief Roadmaster 2009-2011
Indian Chief Standard 2009
Indian Chief Vintage 2009-2020
Indian Chief Vintage FE 2013
Indian Chief Vintage LE 2013
Indian Chieftain 2014-2023
Indian Chieftain Classic 2018-2020
Indian Chieftain Dark Horse 2017-2023
Indian Chieftain Elite 2020-2023
Indian Chieftain Elite 2017-2018
Indian Chieftain Limited 2017-2023
Indian FTR 2022-2023
Indian FTR 1200 S 2019-2020
Indian FTR Championship Edition 2022-2023
Indian FTR R Carbon 2022-2023
Indian FTR Rally 2022-2023
Indian FTR Rally 2020
Indian FTR S 2022
Indian FTR Sport 2023
Indian Inline 4 1929-1942
Indian Pursuit Dark Horse 2022-2023
Indian Pursuit Dark Horse Premium Package 2022-2023
Indian Pursuit Limited 2022-2023
Indian Pursuit Limited Premium Package 2022-2023
Indian Roadmaster 2015-2023
Indian Roadmaster Classic 2017-2018
Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse 2020-2023
Indian Roadmaster Elite 2018-2021
Indian Roadmaster Limited 2021-2023
Indian Scout 2015-2023
Indian Scout 2001-2003
Indian Scout 1933-1937
Indian Scout 1920-1927
Indian Scout 100th Anniversary 2020
Indian Scout Bobber 2018-2023
Indian Scout Bobber Sixty 2020-2023
Indian Scout Bobber Twenty 2020-2023
Indian Scout Rogue 2022-2023
Indian Scout Rogue Sixty 2022-2023
Indian Scout Sixty 2016-2023
Indian Spirit 2001-2003
Indian Sport Scout 1934-1942
Indian Springfield 2016-2023
Indian Springfield Dark Horse 2018-2023
Indian Super Chief 2022-2023
Indian Super Chief Limited 2022-2023
Indian Vintage 2021
Indian Vintage Dark Horse 2021

Please Note: Ships same business day to contiguous US if ordered by 12:15 PM Central Time!

Note: WB-PV29-2