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EBC FA34 Organic Brake Pads


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EBC Brakes Organic OE quality replacement motorcycle brake pads are manufactured in the UK using high technology ECO friendly brake pad compounds that deliver fingertip stopping power..
With over 40 million sets sold worldwide, the E327 grade organic compound has been a high selling EBC product for over 15 years and is suitable for all road bikes and scooters..
These organic brake pads are now ECE R 90 brake safety test approved and fully TV tested. Motorrad Magzine based in Germany rated EBC Brakes Organic OE Quality Replacement Motorcycle Brake Pads as being a high quality organic brake pad and they are even now proven suitable as a sintered pad replacement..
All EBC Organic brake pads now incorporate backing plates which are patented with the Nucap NRS hook retention system. This guarantees zero chance of brake pad de-bonding with corrosion or extended use. These brake pads are not for track or race use..
Superior streetbike brake pad.
100% ECO friendly.
Can be used to replace organic or sintered.
ECE R 90 approved and TVtested.
Benefit from low disc abrasion and dust.

Yamaha SR500 1980-1981
Yamaha XJ550R Seca 1982
Yamaha XS1100 1981
Yamaha XS1100 1980-1981
Yamaha XS1100 1979-1980
Yamaha XS1100 1978
Yamaha XS1100 1978-1979
Yamaha XS1100L Mid-Special 1980
Yamaha XS1100S Special 1979-1981
Yamaha XS500 1978
Yamaha XS500 1977-1978
Yamaha XS500 1976
Yamaha XS500 1976-1977
Yamaha XS650 1980-1981
Yamaha XS650 1979-1980
Yamaha XS650 1978-1979
Yamaha XS650 1977-1978
Yamaha XS650S Special 1982-1983
Yamaha XS750 1979
Yamaha XS750 1978-1979
Yamaha XS750 1977
Yamaha XS750 1977-1978
Yamaha XS750S 1978-1979
Yamaha XS850 1981
Yamaha XS850 1980
Yamaha XS850 1980-1981
Yamaha XS850L Mid-Special 1980-1981
Yamaha XS850S Special 1980-1981
Yamaha XV920R Seca 1981-1982

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