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EBC FA54X X Series Carbon Brake Pads


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

The US #1 selling aftermarket line of premium quality organic disc brake pads. The EBC line covers every make and model on the market, and reflecting OEM ideology, uses a front and rear universal friction material blend that does not require 2 separate part numbers..
Aramid Fibre composite / Carbon compound for all around performance..
Lowest heat generation.
Best for fast dry riding, not for mud, wet or sand.

Honda ATC250R 1981-1982
Hyosung TE450S 2010
Hyosung TE450S 2009-2010
Hyosung TE450S 2008
Hyosung TE450S 2008-2009
Kawasaki KLX230 2020-2022
Kawasaki KLX230R 2020-2022
Kawasaki KLX300R 2020-2022
Kawasaki KVF300 Prairie 2x4 1999-2002
Kawasaki KVF300 Prairie 4x4 1999-2002
Kawasaki KVF360 Prairie 2x4 2003-2009
Kawasaki KVF360 Prairie 4x4 2003-2012
Kawasaki KVF400 Prairie 2x4 1998-2002
Kawasaki KVF400 Prairie 4x4 1997-2002
Kawasaki KX65 2011-2022
Kawasaki KX65 2000-2009
Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4 1987
Suzuki DR125 1986-1988
Suzuki DR125SE 1994-1996
Suzuki DR200 1986-1988
Suzuki DR200S 2015-2020
Suzuki DR200SE 2013
Suzuki DR200SE 1996-2009
Suzuki DR250 1985
Suzuki LT-A400 Eiger 2x4 Auto 2006-2007
Suzuki LT-A400 Eiger 2x4 Auto 2002-2004
Suzuki LT-A400F Eiger 4x4 Auto 2002-2007
Suzuki LT-A500F Vinson 500 4x4 Auto 2002-2007
Suzuki LT-F250 Ozark 2012-2014
Suzuki LT-F250 Ozark 2002-2009
Suzuki LT-F400 Eiger 2x4 2002-2004
Suzuki LT-F400F Eiger 4x4 2002-2007
Suzuki LT-F500F Vinson 500 4x4 2003-2007
Suzuki RM65 2003-2005
Suzuki SP125 1986-1988
Suzuki SP200 1986-1988
Suzuki SP250 1985
Yamaha YFM125 Raptor 2011-2013
Yamaha YFM250 Bear Tracker 2001-2004
Yamaha YFM250 Big Bear 2007-2009
Yamaha YFM250 Bruin 2005-2006
Yamaha YFM300 Grizzly Automatic 2012
Yamaha YFM350 Bruin Auto 2x4 2004-2006
Yamaha YFM350 Grizzly 4x4 Auto 2007-2013
Yamaha YFM350 Grizzly Auto 2007-2012
Yamaha YFM350 Grizzly IRS 4x4 Auto 2007-2012
Yamaha YFM350 Wolverine 2006-2009
Yamaha YFM350F Wolverine 4x4 1995-2005
Yamaha YFM350FA Bruin Auto 4x4 2004-2006
Yamaha YFM350FW Big Bear 4x4 1999
Yamaha YFM350U Big Bear 2x4 1999
Yamaha YFM350X Warrior 1989-2004
Yamaha YFM400 Big Bear 2x4 2004
Yamaha YFM400 Big Bear 2x4 2000-2002
Yamaha YFM400 Big Bear 4x4 2004-2006
Yamaha YFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x4 2007-2012
Yamaha YFM400 Grizzly 4x4 Auto 2007-2008
Yamaha YFM400A Kodiak 2000-2004
Yamaha YFM400F Kodiak 4x4 2004
Yamaha YFM400F Kodiak 4x4 1999-2002
Yamaha YFM450 Grizzly 4x4 Auto 2011-2014
Yamaha YFM450 Grizzly 4x4 Auto 2007-2008
Yamaha YFM450 Grizzly 4x4 Auto EPS 2011-2014
Yamaha YFM450 Grizzly 4x4 Auto IRS 2009-2010
Yamaha YFM450F Kodiak Auto 4x4 2003-2006
Yamaha YFM450FX Wolverine 4x4 2006-2010
Yamaha YFS200 Blaster 2003-2006
Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee 1990-2006

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