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fits Continental™ 02447190000 Conti Road Attack 4 Rear Tire - 190/50-17


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Load Rating: 73
Position: Rear
Rim Size: 17
Speed Rating: (W)
Tire Application: Touring
Tire Construction: Radial
Tire Size: 190/50-17
Tire Type: Street

An improved compound and updated tread pattern give the ContiRoadAttack 4 a massive boost of performance, designed to perform with superb grip in all conditions. MultiGrip technology allows for the use of a single compound and when combined with Continental�s own advanced curing techniques, creating a softer, grippier shoulder and harder-wearing central tread area, without the uneven wear often seen on multi-compound designs..
Revised front tire construction gives more feedback and improves agility, with reduced tendency to stand up during hard cornering.
Improved mileage, across all types of uses and conditions.
New slick area on the upper tread shoulder, for world-class cornering grip at high lean angles.
Excellent grip in wet/dry conditions.
TractionSkin technology gets tires up to temperature quickly, allowing them to perform immediately, with a short break-in period.
Improved mileage across all types of uses and conditions.
Handmade in Germany.
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Please Note: ***Please Note: Item requires 4 business days to process before it ships and you receive tracking information***

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