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Goodridge 62025BK Xtreme Offroad Front Brake Line Kit


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Provides phenomenal performance and great looks.
Hoses feature a clear PVC coating, PTFE inner liner, premium stainless steel braided armor and all front kits are fitted with a durable polymer stiffener.
The PTFE liner is an inert material, compatible with all hydraulic and brake fluids, which has a heat range of -158 degree to 500 degree and shields brake systems from moisture,unlike other materials like nylon.
The PVC hose coating adds great looks, abrasion protection toexpensive parts, and resistance to damaging UV rays.
The stainless steel armor braid is superior in pressure rating, flame resistance, and volumetric expansion to all other materials, including Kevlar, resulting in unmatched stopping power..
All kits ship complete with beautifully polished chromed steel fittings, which are tested to 96 hours on the salt spray test.

Kawasaki KX250F 2009-2010
Kawasaki KX450F 2009-2015

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