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Hammerhead Designs

Hammerhead Designs 12-0562-21-20 Forged Aluminum Break Pedal - Black/


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Forged & CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum strength and minimum weight..
Adjustable billet anodized aluminum brake tip to better accommodate different boot sizes..
Traction cleats are replaceable keeping them just like new..
Includes color matched billet aluminum brake clevis.
Cable Brake Snake is included to help guard brake from being torn off or bent when contacted.
Bronze bushing in the pivot area make brake action smooth and effortless..
Replaces stock levers with a sturdy alloy lever at a lower cost than OEM.

Husqvarna TC85 17/14 2014-2017
Husqvarna TC85 19/16 2014-2015

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