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Hot Rods CRBPL-010W Plain Crank Bearing - 1.490-1.494mm - White


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

Not only will Hot Rods main bearing and seal kits work in rebuilding a Hot Rods crankshaft, but they will also work in rebuilding OEM cranks as well.
Main bearing and seal kits are built to the highest quality standards that meet or exceed those of OE.
To complement Hot Rods full line of heavy duty OEM replacement and stroker crankshafts are Hot Rods complete main bearing and seal kits.
Repl. OEM #3LD-11416-70-00
Yamaha FX10 FX Nytro 2008-2014
Yamaha FX10M FX Nytro MTX 153 2012-2014
Yamaha FX10M FX Nytro MTX 162 2013-2014
Yamaha FX10M FX Nytro MTX SE 153 2010-2012
Yamaha FX10M FX Nytro MTX SE 162 2010-2012
Yamaha FX10MT FX Nytro MTX 2008-2010
Yamaha FX10MTRA FX Nytro MTX 40th Anniv 2008
Yamaha FX10RT FX Nytro RTX Non-Reverse 2008
Yamaha FX10RTR FX Nytro RTX 2008-2013
Yamaha FX10RTRA FX Nytro RTX 40th Anniv 2008
Yamaha FX10RTRS FX Nytro RTX SE 2009-2010
Yamaha FX10XT FX Nytro XTX 2009-2013
Yamaha FX10XT FX Nytro XTX 1.75 2013-2014
Yamaha RS10 RS Venture TF 2013-2014
Yamaha RS90 RS Vector 2012-2016
Yamaha RS90 RS Vector 2008
Yamaha RS90GT Vector GT 2006-2011
Yamaha RS90K RS Vector 2006
Yamaha RS90LT RS Vector LTX 2012-2015
Yamaha RS90LT RS Vector LTX 2008
Yamaha RS90M RS Vector Mountain 2005-2007
Yamaha RS90MS RS Vector Mountain SE 2006-2007
Yamaha RS90N Nytro 2006-2007
Yamaha RS90XT RS Vector XTX 2016
Yamaha RS90XT75 RS Vector XTX 1.75 2016
Yamaha RS90XTL RS Vector XTX 1.75 LE 2016
Yamaha RSG90 RS Rage 2005-2007
Yamaha RSG90GT RS Rage GT 2007
Yamaha RST90 RS Venture 2005-2016
Yamaha RST90GT RS Venture GT 2007-2015
Yamaha RST90TF RS Venture TF 2015-2016
Yamaha RST90TFL RS Venture TF LE 2016
Yamaha SR10L SR Viper LTX 2014
Yamaha SR10LD SR Viper LTX DX 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10LL SR Viper LTX LE 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10LS SR Viper LTX SE 2014-2016
Yamaha SR10M41S SR Viper MTX 141 SE 2016
Yamaha SR10M53 SR Viper MTX 153 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10M53L SR Viper MTX 153 LE 2016
Yamaha SR10M53S SR Viper MTX 153 SE 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10M62 SR Viper MTX 162 2016
Yamaha SR10M62L SR Viper MTX 162 LE 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10M62S SR Viper MTX 162 SE 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10RD SR Viper RTX DX 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10RL SR Viper RTX LE 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10RS SR Viper RTX SE 2014-2016
Yamaha SR10S37D SR Viper STX 137 DX 2016
Yamaha SR10S46D SR Viper STX 146 DX 2016
Yamaha SR10SD SR Viper STX DX 2015
Yamaha VK10 Viking Professional 2006-2015
Yamaha VK10F VK Professional II 2016

Please Note: Ships same business day to contiguous US if ordered by 12:15 PM Central Time!

Note: CRBPL-010W