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IMS 317314 Folding Shift Lever


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Folding Shift Lever by IMS.
TTR125/L (no linkarm)
Yamaha BW200 1985-1988
Yamaha IT250 1980-1983
Yamaha IT465 1981-1982
Yamaha IT490 1983-1984
Yamaha TT225 1986
Yamaha TTR125 2000-2004
Yamaha TTR125E 2003-2009
Yamaha TTR125L 2011
Yamaha TTR125L 2000-2009
Yamaha TTR125LE 2011-2018
Yamaha TTR125LE 2003-2009
Yamaha YZ250 1980-1983
Yamaha YZ465 1980-1981

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