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Kuryakyn 5708 Aztec Primary Cover Medallion - Chrome


***Please note, this item will take an additional 2 business days to process before it ships and you receive tracking information.***

Aztec center medallion is sized to match Indian Commemorative Coins and other factory emblems intended for the primary, offering multiple custom options.

Indian Chief 2018
Indian Chief Classic 2014-2018
Indian Chief Dark Horse 2016-2019
Indian Chief Vintage 2014-2019
Indian Chieftain 2014-2019
Indian Chieftain Classic 2018-2019
Indian Chieftain Dark Horse 2017-2019
Indian Chieftain Elite 2017-2018
Indian Chieftain Limited 2017-2019
Indian Roadmaster 2015-2019
Indian Roadmaster Classic 2017-2018
Indian Roadmaster Elite 2018
Indian Springfield 2016-2019
Indian Springfield Dark Horse 2018-2019

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