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Motion Pro

Motion Pro 10-0041 Black Vinyl Terminator LW Clutch Cable


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Longitudinally-wound black housing.
LW (longitudinally-wound) housing resists compression under heavy loads to deliver a precise, positive, non-mushy feel for enhanced performance.
PE liner for durability and smoothness.
Smooth and precise clutch operation.

Husqvarna AE500 1984
Husqvarna CR500 1986
Husqvarna CR500 1983-1984
Husqvarna TC610 1999
Husqvarna TE410 1999
Husqvarna TE610 1999
Husqvarna WXC 350 1992-1993
Husqvarna WXC 610 1996
Husqvarna WXC 610 1992-1993
Husqvarna WXE 350 1994-1995
Husqvarna WXE 410 1996
Husqvarna WXE 610 1994-1996
Husqvarna XC500 1986-1987
Husqvarna XC500 1984

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