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Outside Distributing 05-0217-D GY6 50cc 4-Stroke 27mm Intake Manifolds - Double Tube


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Having performance issues? Many vehicles were made with low quality rubber intake manifolds that dryout and crack over a short period of time. Even the slightest crack in the intake manifold will cause your vehicle to operate poorly. Always be sure to check your intake manifold when changing carburetors and/or when performing a tuneup on your vehicle. It is highly recommended to change the manifold when installing a new carburetor. Our quality intake manifolds will offer you the performance you are looking for!.
Fits: GY6 4-Stroke, 50cc Engines.
Intake Diameter (Metal Side): 16.5mm.
Mounting Diameter (Rubber SIde): 27mm.
Vacuum Tube(s): 2.
Bolt Holes: 2.
Bolt Hole Spacing:.
Clamp: Included

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