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Sports Parts Inc

Sports Parts Inc 04-276 Shock Bushing


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

SPI Shocks are designed to work with OEM bushings, springs and collars.
Sold pair.
Replaces lower bushing no. 8V0-47371-00
Yamaha CS340 Ovation 1989-1990
Yamaha CS340E Ovation LE 1992-1999
Yamaha CS340E Ovation LE 1989-1990
Yamaha EC340 Excel III 1988
Yamaha EC340 Excel III 1987-1988
Yamaha EC340 Excel III 1986-1987
Yamaha EC340 Excel III 1985
Yamaha EC340 Excel III 1985-1986
Yamaha ET340 Enticer 340 1988
Yamaha ET340 Enticer 340 1987-1988
Yamaha ET340 Enticer 340 1986-1987
Yamaha ET340 Enticer 340 1985
Yamaha ET340 Enticer 340 1985-1986
Yamaha ET340T Enticer 340T 1988
Yamaha ET340T Enticer 340T 1987-1988
Yamaha ET340T Enticer 340T 1986-1987
Yamaha ET340T Enticer 340T 1985
Yamaha ET340T Enticer 340T 1985-1986
Yamaha ET340TR Enticer LTR 1988
Yamaha ET340TR Enticer LTR 1988
Yamaha ET410TR Enticer II LT 1992-1995
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer 1989
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer 1988-1989
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer 1987-1988
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer 1986-1987
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer 1985-1986
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer 1984
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer 1984-1985
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer II 1990-1996
Yamaha PZ480 Phazer SS 1997-1998
Yamaha PZ480E Phazer Deluxe 1989
Yamaha PZ480E Phazer Deluxe 1988-1989
Yamaha PZ480E Phazer Deluxe 1987
Yamaha PZ480E Phazer Deluxe 1987-1988
Yamaha PZ480E Phazer E 1985
Yamaha PZ480E Phazer E 1985
Yamaha PZ480E Phazer II LE 1990-1996
Yamaha PZ480E Phazer SS Electric 1997-1998
Yamaha PZ480SE Phazer SE 1984
Yamaha PZ480SE Phazer SE 1984
Yamaha PZ480ST Phazer II ST 1991-1995
Yamaha PZ480ST Phazer Mountain Lite 1996-1999
Yamaha VT480GT Venture GT 1992-1993
Yamaha XL540 VLX 1990
Yamaha XL540 VLX 1989-1990
Yamaha XL540 VLX 1988-1989
Yamaha XL540 VLX 1987-1988
Yamaha XL540 VLX 1986-1987
Yamaha XL540 VLX 1985
Yamaha XL540 VLX 1985-1986

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