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Sports Parts Inc 09-761 T-Moly Series Piston Kit - Standard Bore 69.50mm


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Machined smooth heads.
MOS 2 Coating:.
Draws heat through piston walls and out the bottom.
Reduces heat and friction, for added power and longevity.
Helps eliminate cold seizures, and increases durability.
Hard anodized crowns.
Hypereutectic Cast.
Silicone aluminum alloy construction with teflon and molybdenum coating and hard anodized crown
Moto-Ski Futura 1978-1979
Moto-Ski Futura L/C 1980-1982
Ski-Doo Elite 1978-1982
Ski-Doo Everest L/C 1980-1983
Ski-Doo Formula Mach 1 XTC 1993
Ski-Doo Formula Mach 1 XTC 1990-1991
Ski-Doo Formula MX 1992-1995
Ski-Doo Formula MX 1987-1990
Ski-Doo Formula MX LT 1987-1990
Ski-Doo Formula MX Z 1993-1994
Ski-Doo Formula MX ZX 1994
Ski-Doo Formula SS 1995
Ski-Doo Formula ST 1994
Ski-Doo Formula XTC 1992
Ski-Doo Formula XTC E 1992
Ski-Doo Formula XTC II 1992
Ski-Doo Formula XTC R 1992-1993
Ski-Doo Safari GLX 1990-1991
Ski-Doo SS25 1984
Ski-Doo Summit 470 1994

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