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Sports Parts Inc 09-828 T-Moly Series Piston Kit - Standard Bore 70.50mm


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Machined smooth heads.
MOS 2 Coating:.
Draws heat through piston walls and out the bottom.
Reduces heat and friction, for added power and longevity.
Helps eliminate cold seizures, and increases durability.
Hard anodized crowns.
Hypereutectic Cast.

Yamaha MM700 Mountain Max 700 1998-2001
Yamaha SX700/R 2000-2001
Yamaha VT700 Venture 700 1998-2001
Yamaha VX700 VMAX 700 1999-2001
Yamaha VX700DX VMAX 700 Deluxe 1999-2001
Yamaha VX700SX VMAX 700 SX 1997-1999
Yamaha VX700SXS VMAX 700 SXS 1998
Yamaha VX700XT VMAX 700 XT 1998
Yamaha VX700XTC VMAX 700 XTC 1998
Yamaha VX700XTCD VMAX 700 XTC Deluxe 1998
Yamaha VX700XTCP VMAX 700 XTCP 1998

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