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SP1 SM-03247 Drive Clutch Rebuild Kit


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

Drive Clutch Rebuild Kit.
Replaces 8ET-W176H-00-00
Yamaha PZ50 Venture MP 2015-2018
Yamaha PZ50VT Venture Lite 2007-2013
Yamaha RS90 RS Vector 2016-2017
Yamaha RS90L RS Vector LE 2016
Yamaha RS90XT RS Vector XTX 2016-2017
Yamaha RS90XT75 RS Vector XTX 1.75 2016-2017
Yamaha RS90XTL RS Vector XTX 1.75 LE 2016-2017
Yamaha RX10 Apex 2008-2017
Yamaha RX10GT Apex GT 2006-2010
Yamaha RX10GTA Apex GT 40th Anniv 2008
Yamaha RX10L Apex LE 2016-2017
Yamaha RX10L Apex LE 50th 2018
Yamaha RX10LT Apex LTX 2008-2010
Yamaha RX10LTGT Apex LTX GT 2008-2010
Yamaha RX10LTGTA Apex LTX GT 40th Anniv 2008
Yamaha RX10M Apex Mountain 2006-2007
Yamaha RX10M RX-1 Mountain 2005
Yamaha RX10MS Apex Mountain SE 2007
Yamaha RX10MS RX-1 Mountain LE 2005
Yamaha RX10MT Apex MTX 2008-2010
Yamaha RX10MTA Apex MTX SE 40th Anniv 2008
Yamaha RX10PS Apex SE 2011-2015
Yamaha RX10R Apex ER 2006-2007
Yamaha RX10RT Apex RTX 2009
Yamaha RX10RT Apex RTX 2006-2007
Yamaha RX10RTR Apex RTX ER 2007-2008
Yamaha RX10XT Apex XTX 2011-2017
Yamaha RX10XT75 Apex XTX 1.75 2016-2017
Yamaha RX10XTL Apex XTX 1.75 LE 2016-2017
Yamaha RXW10 Attack 2006-2007
Yamaha RXW10GT Attack GT 2007
Yamaha SR10M41S SR Viper MTX 141 SE 2016
Yamaha SR10M53 SR Viper MTX 153 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10M53L SR Viper MTX 153 LE 2016
Yamaha SR10M53S SR Viper MTX 153 SE 2015-2017
Yamaha SR10M62 SR Viper MTX 162 2016
Yamaha SR10M62L SR Viper MTX 162 LE 2015-2016
Yamaha SR10M62S SR Viper MTX 162 SE 2015-2017
Yamaha VK540 VK 540 2017-2018

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