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Sports Parts Inc SM-05247 Brake Cable

$24.96 $19.50

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Made of finest materials including nylon inner lining for smooth operation..
Made to OEM specifications..
OEM# 8HF-26351-00-00
Yamaha RS10 RS Vector 2018
Yamaha RS90 RS Vector 2013-2017
Yamaha RS90L RS Vector LE 2016
Yamaha RS90LT RS Vector LTX 2013-2015
Yamaha RS90XT RS Vector XTX 2016-2017
Yamaha RS90XT75 RS Vector XTX 1.75 2016-2017
Yamaha RS90XTL RS Vector XTX 1.75 LE 2016-2017
Yamaha RST1NTF RS Venture TF 2018
Yamaha RST1NTF RS Venture TF BAT 2018
Yamaha RST90GT RS Venture GT 2010-2015
Yamaha RST90TF RS Venture TF 2015-2017
Yamaha RST90TFL RS Venture TF LE 2016
Yamaha RST90TFY RS Venture TF BAT 2016-2017

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