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Starting Line Products

Starting Line Products 40-82 MTX Clutch Weight - 9 Tower Clutch Weight - 65 gram


***Please note, this item will take an additional 5 business days to process before it ships and you receive tracking information.***

Designed to harness the horsepower of new high-torque engines.
Heavy heel design and special weight profile provide greater shift force for improved acceleration and top speed.
Unique design provides responsive backshift performance.
Adjustable by adding tuning rivets (up to 6 grams per weight).
No clutch modifications necessary.
To order, add 4 grams to the amount of weight you are currently using to choose the correct MTX weight (i.e.: if you are currently using a 10-64 Polaris weight, you should use a 68 gram MTX weight).
Weights sold in sets of three, including six 1 gram, six 2 gram and six 3 gram rivets.
Replacement rivets sold in packs of six.
To order add 4 grams to weight. Ex: to replace Polaris 10-64 order MTX 68 gram.

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