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TechnoResearch TR200093-M01 Direct Link Master Key


***Please note, this item will take an additional 4 business days to process before it ships and you receive tracking information.***

Add-on gives a Centurion hardware kit the ability to tune an unlimited number of bikes.
Each ECM requires a unique Direct Link Digital License that can be applied using the Direct Link master key and the Centurion hardware.
Each license that is applied is stored both on the computer and in the cloud, allowing anyone with a Direct Link Master Key to go back and tune the same motorcycle ECU as often as needed.
All the same great Direct Link features.
Buy as needed, when needed.
No inventory; less overhead.
No delays.
Cost effective and competitive pricing.
Internet required.
1. The shop needs to buy the Direct Link master key PART #1020-3012 to allow use of the Direct Link digital license PART1020-3011. Direct Link master key PART #1020-3012 is a physical item that needs to be shipped from the Drag Specialties warehouse..
2. When Direct Link digital licenses are needed, just order PART #1020-3011 digital license on a separate Drag Specialties order. Once the order is received, an email reply will be sent with a unique code that will allow Direct Link to connect with a motorcycle and transfer a calibration/ tune to the ECM..
3. Orders can be placed for a single digital license or multiple on the same order. Each license can be used repeatedly on one motorcycle (1 per motorcycle).

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