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Vertex 23630A Piston Kit - Standard Bore 66.34mm


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Bore: 66.34mm
Compression: Standard Compression
Sizing: Standard Bore

Exact fit A, B, or C pistons match your cylinder bore perfectly to maximize power and performance while reducing blow-by and oil consumption.
2-stroke pistons have an 18% silicon content which decreases wear and thermal expansion, allowing for tighter running tolerances for more power, less noise, and longer lifespan.
High-tech Molybdenum Disulphide (MOS2) skirt coating for reduced wear and improved break-in.
4-stroke pistons are forged from either 2618 or 3032 alloys for superior strength and durabiltiy.
All piston kits include piston, rings, wrist pin, and circlips.
Cast and Forged Replica pistons are OE replacements with stock OE compression ratios.
Cast and Forged Race pistons are unique with only one compression ring.
Forged Hi-Comp pistons increase compression and power over Replica pistons.
Forged GP Racer's Choice pistons have T-box forgings, unique dome profiles, surface treatments, and increased compression ratios to produce more power, strength, and durability.
Big Bore pistons increase displacement and power while maintaining stock compression ratios.
Fits KTM 250 EXC 06-18.
Fits KTM 250 EXC TPI 18
Gas Gas EC 250 2021
Gas Gas EC 300 2021
Husaberg TE250 2011-2014
Husqvarna TC250 2014-2021
Husqvarna TE250 2014-2018
Husqvarna TE250i 2018-2021
Husqvarna TE300i 2019-2021
Husqvarna TX300i 2020-2021
KTM 250 EXC-F 2017-2018
KTM 250 SX 2006-2021
KTM 250 XC 2006-2018
KTM 250 XC TPI 2020-2021
KTM 250 XC-W 2006-2018
KTM 250 XC-W TPI 2020-2021
KTM 300 XC TPI 2020-2021
KTM 300 XC-W TPI 2019-2021
KTM 300 XC-W TPI Six Days 2019-2020

Please Note: ***Please Note: Item requires 2 business days to process before it ships and you receive tracking information***

Note: 23630A