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Whip-It 3-113DXW LED Light Rods - 3ft. Deluxe Type - White


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RF (Radio Frequency) Whips feature 25 different colors and functions, including flash, strobe and fade through colors. You can adjust speed and brightness or lock on one color..
Deluxe Whips feature 120 different colors and functions, including flash, strobe, fade, chase and different color combinations from top, bottom and middle..
Longer cables for ease of wiring and hookup.
3/8 in. Firestick whip for offroad use.
3 ft. whip has 150 LEDs.
5 ft. whip has 250 LEDs.
7 ft. whip has 300 LEDs.
Includes: Wireless remote, Wiring, Processor box (Deluxe), Spring mount, and Legal visible flag (attached to the whip).

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