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Woodys EYV3-6500 Extender Trail III Flat-Top Carbide Runners


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Woodys most popular carbide.
4in. turning carbide that has a sharp.
60deg. edge angle for performance cornering; 1 1/2in. carbide wear pads help extend runner life.
Full-length hardweld surfaces between all three carbide inserts for total wear protection.
Extra-long studs make it easy to mount plastic ski skins.
Sold in pairs.

Yamaha MM600 Mountain Max 600 1998-1999
Yamaha MM700 Mountain Max 700 1998-1999
Yamaha MSRX700 Mountain SRX 700 1998
Yamaha VX500SX VMAX 500 SX 1999
Yamaha VX600SX VMAX 600 SX 1999
Yamaha VX700SX VMAX 700 SX 1999

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