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Woodys HSP-3180 Top-Stock Hard Surface Bar Carbide Runners


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

A hardweld runner designed for extreme service or utility applications.
1/2in. host bar with a double bead of hardweld increases the depth of the runner for controllability in grass racing or deep snow conditions.
Not recommended to replace OEM carbide runners; not suitable for sleds with over 48 installed studs in track.
1/2in. thick with flat-top design, extended mount studs and a rear angle cut.
Sold in pairs
Polaris 340 Deluxe 1999-2002
Polaris 440 1993-1997
Polaris 500 2002
Polaris 500 Classic 1999-2000
Polaris 500 Classic Touring 2001-2002
Polaris 500 EFI 1996-1997
Polaris 500 XC SP 2000-2001
Polaris 600 Classic 2002
Polaris 600 Classic Touring 2002
Polaris 600 Touring 2000
Polaris 650 RXL 1994-1997
Polaris 650 RXL Touring 1994-1995
Polaris 700 SKS 1999-2000
Polaris Classic 1993-1998
Polaris Classic Touring 1996-2000
Polaris Classic Touring 1993-1994
Polaris Lite Deluxe 1994-1998
Polaris Sport Touring 2000-2004
Polaris Sport Touring ES 2001
Polaris Super Sport 1999-2005
Polaris Trail 1995-1999
Polaris Trail Deluxe 1994-1995
Polaris Trail RMK 1997-2003
Polaris Trail Touring 2002-2003
Polaris Trail Touring 1997-2000
Polaris Ultra 1997-1998
Polaris Ultra Touring 1997
Polaris Wide Trak GT 1995-1997
Polaris Wide Trak LX 1995-1999
Polaris XLT Classic 1999
Polaris XLT LTD 1997-1998
Polaris XLT SP 1995-1997
Polaris XLT SP LT 1995
Polaris XLT Touring 1995-1999

Please Note: Ships same business day to contiguous US if ordered by 12:15 PM Central Time!

Note: HSP-3180