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Woodys TYV4-8800 Trail Blazer IV Flat-Top Carbide Runners


Generally ships to addresses in the contiguous United States the same business day if ordered by 12:15PM Central Time!

Designed for aggressive trail riders.
Excellent high-speed cornering control.
1/2in. host runner features 6in. of 60deg. sharp edge turning carbide.
Wear pads are a full 1 1/2in. long.
Full-length hardweld surfaces between all three carbide inserts provide extended wear.
Extra-long studs make it easy to install plastic ski skins.
Track studding recommended.
Sold in pairs.

Yamaha SR10BL SR Viper BTX LE 2017
Yamaha SR10M53S SR Viper MTX 153 SE 2017
Yamaha SR10M62S SR Viper MTX 162 SE 2017
Yamaha SW10BL Sidewinder BTX 153 LE 50th 2018
Yamaha SW10BL Sidewinder BTX LE 2017
Yamaha SW10BL53 Sidewinder BTX 153 LE 2019
Yamaha SW10BS Sidewinder BTX 153 1.75 SE 2018
Yamaha SW10BS Sidewinder BTX SE 2017
Yamaha SW10M53 Sidewinder MTX 153 2018
Yamaha SW10M62 Sidewinder MTX 162 2018
Yamaha SW10ML53 Sidewinder MTX 153 LE 2018
Yamaha SW10ML62 Sidewinder MTX 162 LE 50th 2018
Yamaha SW10MS53 Sidewinder MTX 153 SE 2018
Yamaha SW10MS62 Sidewinder MTX 162 SE 2017-2018
Yamaha SW10XL41 Sidewinder XTX 141 LE 2019
Yamaha SW10XL41 Sidewinder XTX 141 LE 2017
Yamaha SW10XS41 Sidewinder XTX 141 SE 2018
Yamaha SW10XS46 Sidewinder XTX 146 SE 2020-2022
Yamaha SXR2 SnoScoot 2018
Yamaha SXR2 SnoScoot ES 2019-2021
Yamaha TR4 Transporter Lite 2021-2022
Yamaha TR6 Transporter 600 2020
Yamaha TR8 Transporter 800 2021-2022

Please Note: Ships same business day to contiguous US if ordered by 12:15 PM Central Time!

Note: TYV4-8800