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XTRIG 500010600101 Shock Pre-Load Adjuster


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Makes changing the rear shock absorber spring preload settings very quick and easy and replaces both preload rings on your shock.
In their place is a mechanical device that uses the shock bodys threads to move an adjuster up and down.
The preload adjuster makes race sag adjustments quickly and easily.
Mechanical transmission.
Use the complete thread of the shock absorber.
Easy handling.
Adjust the preload very quickly.
Low weight.
Not affected by dirt.
Patent pending.

Husqvarna CR125 2008-2012
Husqvarna CR150 2011-2012
Husqvarna TC250 2008-2012
Husqvarna TC450 2008-2011
Husqvarna TC510 2008-2009
Husqvarna TE250 2008-2012
Husqvarna TE450 2008-2011
Husqvarna TE510 2008-2010

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